The Key to Rapid Weight Loss (Forgiveness series pt 3) – Spiritual Weight Loss Radio

Episode 35 | 3rd and final episode in the Forgiveness series

When you catch hold of a desire, everything about it feels urgent!  You are filled with passion and energy and exuberance as you move the desire into manifestation.  Except, when it comes to weight loss.  The desire to release excess weight often comes with it’s own heaviness.  The road ahead can look long and dreary.  Every failed weight loss effort for you (and perhaps everyone you know) weighs heavy in your heart.  But the desire for a greater expression of health will not leave you.

Stop trying to suppress the desire.  Delay your victory no further!  You can accelerate your efforts to release weight through forgiveness.  Unforgiveness is an energy block.  Let’s discuss practical techniques that you can employ immediately to unblock the flow of energy and accelerate your weight loss.


Empowering Questions:

Spirit – What grudge are you holding against God?  Do you need to forgive God?
Soul – How does forgiveness free me when I believe that the offending person deserves to be punished?
Body – How can forgiveness give me the energy to get active?

Listen to the show and let me know what comes up for you!  Don’t forget to do your Soul Work Assignment!

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