Day 7 – 21 Day Love Challenge | Write a Love Letter to You

Day 7 – 21 Day Love Challenge | Write a Love Letter to You We are the the end of the first cycle of the LOVE challenge.  How are you? The intent behind the work you did this week was to deepen, expand and increase the love connection between you and God. It is an important building block for the…

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Day 6 – 21 Day Love Challenge | Speak Only Words of Love To Yourself

Day 6 of the 21 Day Love Challenge *Speak Only Words of Love to Yourself!* You might need to get some post-it notes for this challenge.  Refraining from complaining is not easy. But you can do it.  Put reminders in your eyesight.  You deserve a (self) criticism free day.  #LoveYou

21 Day Love Challenge – Day 4 | Walk With God

21 Day Love Challenge – Day 4 Today’s challenge is so important in building the love momentum.  You might find it helpful to read your Love Letter to God from Day 3’s challenge.  Let the rhythm of your steps be meditative.  Experience the walk without music or conversation with anyone. My favorite part of this challenge is “walk worthy.” Oh,…

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21 Day Love Challenge – Week 1

21 Day Love Challenge – Week 1 Day 1: Make a Date With God Your relationship with God is the pattern for every other relationship. Spend time today in prayer and meditation. Center your attention on God’s LOVE. Refrain from making requests. Keep this sacred date each day this week. Here is the unedited kick off sermon. I’ll post clips…

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Lent 2015: 12 Steps to Your Healing

Lent 2015:  12 Steps to Your Healing Daily Lenten Tele-class for the duration of the Lenten season February 18 (Ash Wednesday) – April 5 (Resurrection Day/Easter Sunday). Live call offered at two times:  7-7:30 a.m. and 9-9:30 p.m. Pacific Try it for FREE.  Dial in #:  712-775-7035, Participant code 709633 What is Lent?  Lent is a season of spiritual growth, a time…

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The Key to Rapid Weight Loss (Forgiveness series pt 3) – Spiritual Weight Loss Radio

Episode 35 | 3rd and final episode in the Forgiveness series When you catch hold of a desire, everything about it feels urgent!  You are filled with passion and energy and exuberance as you move the desire into manifestation.  Except, when it comes to weight loss.  The desire to release excess weight often comes with it’s own heaviness.  The road ahead…

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Spiritual Parenting Class begins August 10

Spiritual Parenting Class (+Bonus Class for the Children) Parenting with an elevated consciousness [pb_slideshow group=”0″] For mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, teachers and anyone involved with the care and nurturing of children of all ages. You are a spiritual being…and so are your children!  How do you parent a spiritual being?  Learn tools and techniques for conscious parenting that enables…

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What is Transformational Leadership? Join the Google Hangout on July 15th at 6pm PT!

Calling all leaders! Come Hangout on Google with me this Tuesday, July 15th as we discuss Transformational Leadership. 6pm PT | 8pm CT | 9pm ET Join this dynamic discussion on leadership as we build momentum to the UFBL’s Panorama of Truth conference in Chicago, July 23-27, 2014.We want to hear from you!  Bring It To The Table!  #TLeadUFBL

Spiritual Weight Loss Radio – Forgive All of ‘Em! (Forgiveness series pt 2)

Get ready for a powerful show on Forgiveness. Forgive All of ‘Em – Recorded live July 12, 2014 Find Additional Weight Loss Podcasts with Sheree Speaks on BlogTalkRadio This is part 2 of our 3 part series on Forgiveness.  Part 1 was all about forgiving yourself.  Part 2 is about forgiving others.  If all that stood between where you are and…

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Spiritual Weight Loss Radio – Forgive Yourself, Free Yourself! (Forgiveness series pt 1)

Independence through forgiveness Happy 4th of July!  As we commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, let’s make a decision to declare our own freedom from being unforgiving.  This is the beginning of a 3-part series on forgiveness.  Is it a leap to assert that lack of forgiveness is the greatest cause of excess weight?  Lack of forgiveness is at minimum the fuel…

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