Spiritual Weight Loss Radio – Peace Be Still: Calming the Storm Within

Calm Yourself! 

I’ll never forget years ago when Dr. Phil advised waiting two weeks following a major life event before making big decisions.  Two weeks?!  Urgency to make big decisions is strongest when our lives feel most chaotic and when we feel farthest from our dreams.  Our thoughts and emotions are unstable, yet we try to force ourselves to make clear and intuitive decisions.  Are we setting ourselves up for more chaos. 
This week, the topic is Peace, Be Still:  Calming the Storms Within.  We’ll uncover the pattern to calm our stormy emotional seas given in Matthew 8:23-27 where Jesus calms a storm on the sea with those powerful three words.
“The winds and the waves shall obey thy will.  Peace, be still.”


Empowering Questions:

Spirit – Where anchors you during the storm?
Soul – What do you think about when you are afraid?
Body – How does fear show up in your body?


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