Spiritual Weight Loss Radio – Be Phenomenal! The Wisdom of Maya Angelou

Maya 10Extraordinary.  Exceptional.  Amazing.  Astonishing.  Magnificent.

Even these words don’t encapsulate the phenomenal woman that is Dr. Maya Angelou.  In celebration of her life, this week we uncover the wisdom in some of her poetry to help us get a greater understanding of what it means to be phenomenal.

Did you know that being a spiritual being makes you phenomenal?  You are a divine being that can be touched, seen, heard, felt and loved.  Let’s allow the powerful words of Dr. Angelou to elevate our conscious awareness of our true identity.  Let’s see our beauty in the word mirrors she put before us.

This is Sheree Speaks show #28 (pats self on the back) and I feel it is my best so far.  Or perhaps I just enjoyed talking about Dr. Angelou.   Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Please leave your your favorite Maya Angelou quote or poem in the comments.

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