12 Steps to Your Healing (Be Still and Know) Volume 1
by Rev. Sheila McKeithen

This book offers you the opportunity to take a spiritual adventure in faith. This adventure is not about placing blame on others. Instead, it is designed to help you become very clear that, as a spiritual being, you can choose to unpack the baggage of negativity and travel light through life as you embrace your true identity as a child of God. When you are clear about who you are as a spiritual being, that knowledge alone will open the way for the errors of the past, be they yours or another’s, to be purged so that they are no longer a hindrance to you. Whether the healing you seek is for yourself or others, whether it is for the physical body, emotions, relationships, finances, or any other life experience, it all begins in the mind. And you have the power to change your mind. Read the book. Learn the steps. Take the steps. Take the steps. Take the steps! Then prepare to receive your healing.